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My specialty is finding amazing talent & curing chaos. I turnaround struggling teams by driving to clarity, matching talent with value-add responsibility & by managing with metrics linked to business outcomes. By working beyond functional boundaries & role to effect real needed change, I create a culture of accountable, planned, and engaged. I possess an innate ability to read people & situations. Trusted for discretion, known for getting real and telling it like it is.

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Lori Yancey, business owner

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Yancey Consulting Business Coaching and Career Services

Today’s business climate requires companies to innovate and operate at high levels of performance just to stay ahead of the competition. Yancey Consulting works closely with clients to provide thoughtful insights into business challenges. We develop strategies and plans to address each, including a path to enable and deploy change.

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Hiring Top Talent

Yancey Consulting prides itself on finding top talent that exemplifies your business culture and values. No amount of experience can make up for mismatched values or inadequate soft skills. Often times poor hires happen because leaders are simply too busy to put in the time needed to do it right.

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Process & Organization Assessments

A company’s ability to deliver value is rooted in its processes, organization structure, and its people. World-class organizations constantly review how work is getting done and the effectiveness of core operational areas. We will work with you on assessing performance and maturity levels of operations and customer services to identify issues and improve performance.


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